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I cant remember the first time it happened, or the last.

But somewhere in the middle of it all, I remember always asking why.

The teacher said we must get work experience.

But why?

The coach says we must be good spirits whether we win or lose.

But why?

My father says I must get a good job and get married.

But why?

Oh yes, now it's coming back to me. I was drove to my Aunties house in the mountains. We got there and were talking about driving manual cars. And she said, "they are better to drive; most companies use manual cars. Once, there were 6 cars and we all had to go to a conference. There were 3 automatic cars and 3 manuals. The men said 'we must have the automatic cars, because that's all we can drive' and I said- you're a 50 year old man and you cant drive a manual? PAH!"

And I sat there laughing nodding my head

But then I thought..


I see you shining your shoes, and sipping your coffee

you are thinking 'are my shoes shiny enough'? and 'is this coffee to my standards'?

I see the newspaper and ask why.

I see you thinking about your shoes and your coffee and I think why.

I think about why you drink that coffee, and burn more calories thinking about how good it tastes, than the arms of people who make sure it's too your liking.

You dont like the coffee?

The coffee doesn't like you

Or your damn shiny shoes.

They will not be shiny when your coffin is erect.

So I ask why. Then I ask, why I keep asking why?

I have these answers buried somewhere under the clutter in my room

But i'm knocking down the room tomorrow did you know? knocking it down, and building a casino for all the fat cats and dirty rats.

I belong to the road. The world is the only other thing that asks why. The road is the only thing that keeps moving.

Where are my feet?

they're on the road

no more cryin' and sighin'

I'm on the road

for good.


My cat died
and everybody cried
Everybody sighed,
oh mothers lies;
"The cat will be fine,
he'll live sublime"-
But it was his time,
He was not fine.
Nobody spoke.
We're all choked,
Not talking folk?-
Yes, since the yolk.
Another blow,
We will grow,
you know-
our hearts are low.


only would my mother choose a hair cut over a dying uncle


my parents..

rui          ned






What if?

I can't help but think- what if?

What if I spent the destructive energy I expel on productive things.

Then we'd all be bloody Einstein's, wouldnt we?

There are too many distractions in this world. And some more sinister than I think we realise.

Writer's Block: RIP Michael Jackson

In honor of the King of Pop: What is your favorite Michael Jackson song?
Stranger in moscow...

Although this often changes.

I've been fortunate enough to dance to Michael Jackson as my teacher was a huge fan. He really changed jazz dance as we know it...

the guy with the red scarf and black cape

There is too much to learn in this world;
And I fear I will never know-
Or have the courage-
to seek
For it


Lately I have had such motivation to make things.
My garden is growing fresh tomatoes that are sweet and pretty, which gives me confidence that I can start an organic fruit and veg garden. Even in my barren backyard!
And now i've gotten in the habit of making my own sauces and such. Pancakes are so much better fresh as is homemade tomato sauce and pumpkin soup. Pasta is also wonderful fresh. Yummy yummy yummy.
It is very cold outside but the sun still shines which makes me all happy inside!
anyway, I am off to make some wonderful concoctions with cinnamon sugar and such.

away from home

over here thunder strikes cackle like motorbikes
and rain reminds me of warm showers...

days roll into each other
and suck the unaware into rips.

I try to smile
but the sun stings me eyes-
still, thoughts
of you rise,
and dart like flies.